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As a leading UAE law firm, HL&A provides a wide variety of legal services for a diverse range of clients, including corporate and commercial transactions, employment law, intellectual property registration and protection, criminal and civil litigation, company formation, and more.

“We focus on meeting our clients’ objectives through ethically grounded, business-focused strategies, earning our clients’ trust by delivering quality services with integrity and professionalism.” Hussain Lootah, Chairman

Established in 1997, HL&A is a leading legal consultancy and advocacy firm for the GCC region, providing expert legal services to public sector entities, individuals, and private enterprises. HL&A’s extensive regional experience and knowledge of local, national, and international laws support a wide range of clients from various industries, including finance and banking, real estate and construction, mergers and acquisitions, hospitality, shipping, and oil and gas.
The firm’s commitment to excellent legal services for all clients means each highly trained and committed legal professional excel in their respective specialities. HL&A’s highly qualified team includes arbitrators, doctors of law, and respected academics with decades of practical experience in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Our team can also communicate in Arabic, English, Farsi and French, and has accredited local advocates with full rights of audience before all UAE courts.
To better serve its clients, HL&A partners with well-respected firms around the world to provide exceptional legal services and client service from any corner of the globe. HL&A works tirelessly to protect its clients’ interests wherever they may be.

Our Beliefs

• We believe our clients’ interests are the heart of our business, and we owe our clients excellence in all of our services.
• We believe that openness and honesty are the core of our client relationships.
• We believe quality teamwork benefits our firm and our clients, and we support the continuing development of all team members.
• We believe we have a commitment to our community and the legal profession. It is our responsibility to maintain the highest levels of professionalism at all times.

Our Team
Our advocates and legal consultants are committed to the pursuit of excellence in legal services and client support. From the simplest matter to complex cases requiring specialist expertise, our dedication to trust, respect, quality, and our in-depth
understanding of the law ensures our clients receive committed legal representation that protects their interests. HL&A’s extensive knowledge and experience, as well as our close relationship with the UAE federal and local governments, have expanded our core practice areas to provide clients with up-to-date expert advice that reflects
the practical realities of the business world.

Through arbitration, we assist clients in settling complex cases without resorting to traditional litigation. By avoiding the lengthy court process, our clients can resolve their matters efficiently and quickly return to business. Our specialist practitioners have the experience necessary to provide expert representation before arbitration tribunals, including the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) and the DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Centre.

Banking & Finance
Our team regularly represents key members of the banking and finance industry, including commercial banks, investment banks, and finance companies. Our team focuses on structuring agreements to better position our clients and to minimise risk.

Civil & Criminal Litigation
Sometimes litigation is necessary, but not all litigation is the same. Our experienced team knows how to manage litigation to achieve the client’s objectives whilst using cost-effective methods. With licensed local advocates as team members, each step of the litigation process is handled in-house, which reduces client cost and increases efficiency.

Company Formation & Structuring
Our local experience gives us a unique insight into the vast range of UAE corporate structures available for clients to pursue their business and commercial objectives. Whether onshore, offshore or in one of the many UAE free zones, our team expertly guides clients in selecting the ideal company structure for their needs.

From reviewing standard form agreements to negotiating and drafting complex commercial arrangements, our team provides comprehensive, in-depth advice that reflects the client’s business needs as well as commercial and legal realities.

With the region’s dynamic labour law landscape, our team assists clients with every aspect of employment, including drafting policies, procedures, and contracts in accordance with applicable law, and litigation support.

Engineering & Construction
Our team has experience with all aspects of engineering and construction industries and the importance of understanding commercial aspects at each step. Whether it is the tender process or a full dispute, our team can provide full support for governmental entities, developers, contractors, facility managers, and other professionals.


Family Law
Family disputes and proceedings require specialist knowledge and experience with local procedures and courts. Our team provides compassionate guidance during what is typically a difficult time for clients.

Intellectual Property
Developing a comprehensive intellectual property strategy helps manage and protect a business’s most valuable asset. Our team assists clients with forming an effective plan, including filing patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and protecting these assets from exploitation.

IT Law
IT law requires in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technology and the latest advances in the communication industry. With our team’s dedication to remaining up-to-date with both legal and commercial developments, we assist clients with securing their positions in this competitive sector.

Maritime & Transport
Shipping and transport are critical economic sectors for the region, and it is vital for industry professionals to understand how legal issues can affect commercial concerns. With our team’s expert guidance, our clients gain insight and assurance to further their business objectives.

Merger & Acquisition
Mergers and acquisitions require detailed attention to every aspect of the arrangement. Our experienced team manages mergers and acquisitions for clients with expertise and care for each element, providing expert advice.

Oil & Gas
The unique challenges inherent in the oil and gas industry require in-depth knowledge of both upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors. Our team assists clients with transactional, regulatory, and drafting for any oil and gas matter.

Real Estate
UAE real estate law is a unique reflection of the region, requiring both understanding and experience for proper advice. With our team’s years of experience, we provide our clients with market-leading guidance.

Wills & Guardianship
Protecting your assets for your beneficiaries depends upon properly adhering to regional regulatory schemes and laws. Our team can assist you with developing a plan that protects you and brings you peace of mind.

For a confidential discussion on any legal matter, contact Stephen on +97143320004 or +971508538620 or via email: s.ranger@hlootahlaw.com

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