How Can Dashcams and Drones be a Part of the Solution to the Problem of Reckless Drivers?

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The UAE is a fantastic place if you love to drive, with excellent roads, professional police forces, a competent RTA as well as plenty of things to see. However, if you are a driver, each day it only takes a few minutes before encountering someone doing the wrong thing. Illegal parking, not safely indicating, tailgating and bullying are difficult to police, and consequently many flout the law, yet these misdemeanours represent real risks that cause accidents and severe disruption every day here.

Is it time to forget about concerns of privacy and think about a system whereby the Police and RTA are assisted by good drivers who can report and submit videos of dangerous driving? What can drones do to help the Police and RTA?

Two excellent articles for further reading on dashcams by the IAEA here and on Architectural Digest’s article on smart uses of drones around the world here


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