Career and Professional Development

One main objective of this website is to assist professionals either presently working, or those intending to work or do business in the legal sector around the world.


We would like to welcome any legal writers and contributors. If you have written any of your own articles related to the practice of law such as news and events, practice and professional development pieces or any articles relevant and of interest to legal professionals, we can assist in highlighting your work.

If you have an interest in contributing these types of articles or other relevant material, feel free to contact us.


We now provide a Legal Employment Directory for legal professionals looking to fill, or find their next professional opportunity. Features of this directory include:

  • System matching of Opportunities and Vacant positions available by Recruiters
  • An opportunity to showcase your profile and CV if you are looking for a legal position to registered Recruiters around the world


  • CVs are welcome but they must be related to a legal role and be sufficiently professional. If you require assistance with improving your CV we offer a discount.
  • Submission of a CV does not guarantee success with Employment.

If you would like to appear in the Legal Employment Directory, you can register here – it is free.


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